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Walkabout House is a ‘base camp’ for young adults on the autism spectrum who want to get out on their own – to start their own Walkabout – but could use some help in making their way through this rite of passage.  We teach the basic life skills and knowledge needed for independent living in a modern world.  This includes help with strengthening interpersonal and communication skills.

Walkabout House provides each resident with their own private bedroom and a shared bathroom. Residents share a common living room, entertainment room, dining room, kitchen, and garden with other residents. We gather together for dinner five nights a week to enjoy good food and each other’s company. Breakfast and lunch are provided but residents prepare these meals on their own.

Training at Walkabout House is based on an Apprenticeship program – individual and small group instruction with the resident while working on the skill to be learned.  We employ the processes of Guided Participation to create learning experiences that build on what the resident already knows.  As we guide their efforts in mastering each new skill, responsibility for managing these efforts is transferred to the resident as they gain proficiency.

Ultimately, our goal is to help each resident start a successful career path and find a meaningful social life.  We start by offering part-time employment at the Walkabout House to each resident when they move in, and use this job as an opportunity for learning many of the important aspects of being an employee.  We also provide help with resume preparation, job hunting and job interviews.  We have experience with entrepreneurship, and can provide advice and assistance in starting a new business.

If you're ready to start your own Walkabout, contact us to learn more, or come by for a visit to meet us in person!

​Click on image below to see short video about Walkabout House.  ​

When young Australian Aborigines come of age, they set out alone into the wilderness on a Walkabout as a rite of passage into adulthood.  Leaving behind their family and friends, they must learn to survive using only their wits, skills and knowledge.

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