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About Us

Debbie Hogan

Debbie Hogan is the experienced mother of a young adult son on the spectrum, and co-manager of the Walkabout House in Portland.  Beyond raising her own son and daughter, she has enjoyed working for a number of years as a nanny, caregiver for the elderly, and administrative assistant for executives at Helly-Hansen Inc. and Clark Nuber P.S. Debbie will manage Apprenticeship programs for learning a range of life skills, including healthy eating and meal preparation, household cleaning and maintenance, gardening for exercise and stress relief, and dancing for improving self-expression and communication. 

Brad Fowler

​​​​​​​​Brad Fowler is the founder of Walkabout House LLC, and co-manager of the Walkabout House in the Portland area.  With over 25 years of experience in developing new medical technologies and products, Brad has focused his efforts over the past few years on understanding the latest developments in how we learn, how we make decisions, how we use communication to connect with others, and how we use our feelings as a guide in everyday life.  An appreciation of these developments forms the basis for how Walkabout House fosters the emergence of these abilities in young adults on the spectrum.  

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